Consulting in Construction Equipment and Building Material.

Blk-Group  is a supplier of machinery and building material, wholesale trade company, business consultant and marketing and communication agency in Italy since 2019.



Supply Chain Consulting in Construction and Interior

BLK-Group has earned the trust of production leaders and construction companies, creating a network of partners in Europe, Asia, Africa, and CIS countries and also focuses on internationalization, collaboration with selected manufacturers and local artisans to improve business solutions.

The company provides innovative supply solutions based on customer needs and own experience, offering full and timely support to partners, optimizing costs and delivery times, and ensuring the high quality of their projects.

Supply chain consulting in the construction and interior design industry involves optimizing the flow of materials, information, and processes from the initial planning stages to project completion.

Here are some specific considerations and areas of focus for supply chain consulting in construction and interior design:

  1. Materials Procurement and Management
  2. Supplier Relationship Management
  3. Project Planning and Scheduling
  4. Collaboration with Subcontractors

Supply chain consulting in construction and interior design is crucial for ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and with high-quality standards. The goal is to create an efficient and transparent supply chain that supports the unique requirements of the construction and interior design industry.

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