BLK-Group has been involved in various construction and interior design projects since 2019, providing construction equipment, finishing materials, custom furniture, expansion joints and scaffolding.

In 2021 BLK-Group expanded its services with Personal Branding, Graphic Design, SEO and Photography.

From 2022 BLK-Group organize training and workshops and networking to improve business skills and brand results  for start-ups and manage business events in Italy and France.

In 2024, BLK-Group focuses on innovation and expanding its full range of services in the USA and Central Asia.


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  1. Specialization and Expertise: BLK-group provides comprehensive solutions for a specific industry or a range of related industries. Their expertise and understanding of the unique needs and challenges of the sector could make them a valuable partner for contractors.
  2. One-Stop Solution: BLK-group offers a one-stop solution for various equipment, machinery, or services needed in a particular industry. This can streamline the procurement process for contractors, saving them time and effort compared to dealing with multiple suppliers.
  3. Customization and Integration: BLK-group provides customized solutions and integrated packages that meet specific requirements of the contractor. This can include tailored equipment configurations, after-sales support, or other value-added services that might not be available when dealing directly with individual industry suppliers.
  4. Cost Savings: BLK-group negotiates bulk deals, discounts, or favorable terms with industry suppliers, allowing them to offer cost savings to contractors. This can be an attractive proposition for contractors looking to optimize their expenses.
  5. Relationships and Networking: BLK-group has established strong relationships with various industry players. Leveraging these connections can lead to smoother transactions, better communication, and more efficient problem-solving for the contractor.
  6. Project Management: BLK-group offers project management services, helping coordinate and manage the various aspects of the supply chain. This can be beneficial for contractors handling complex projects with multiple components.
  7. Logistics and Coordination: BLK-group handles logistics, transportation, and coordination of deliveries from different industry suppliers. This can be particularly advantageous for contractors working on projects with tight schedules or in remote locations.

The choice may vary based on the nature of the project, budget considerations, and the level of support and services required.

We work with only the most reputable manufacturers in the industry to supply our equipment, and we offer a comprehensive selection of products to meet the needs of any project, large or small.


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  • after-sales support
  • installation
  • maintenance
  • repair services