scaffolding solutions

List of Blk-Scaffolding Components:

  1. Standards (uprights) , perpendicular tubes that shift the entire weight of the structure to the ground where they lean on a square base plate to scatter the weight.
  2. Ledgers, flat tubes that join between the standards.
  3. Transoms lean on the ledgers at the right angles. Major transoms are positioned next to the standards; they support the standards that are in place and give support for the boards. To render additional support for the boards, intermediate transoms are placed between the main transoms..
  4. Scaffold Tubes (aluminium or steel )
  5. Scaffold Couplers (Putlog Couplers, Right-angle Couplers and Swivel Couplers)
  6. Adjustable Base Plates
  7. Diagonal Braces
  8. Toe Boards (aluminum or steel)
  9. Decks (Decks are also referred as planks and they are available in aluminium, aluminium frame with plywood board and hot-dip galvanised steel. Decks are a structural component and so ledgers aren’t needed at the deck level, which not only saves cost but also weight.)